Friday, May 15, 2015

Baby Fashion

It was great fun to be interviewed by Boom Boom Prints - a fabulous online marketplace that sells nursery décor and also kid's products like these bibs and onesies that now have my art on them. They have an amazing array of kids' art so if you are looking for a gift for a child or new mom check them out.

Anyway, Boom Boom Prints wanted to interview me about how my kids have influenced my art. I must say they are getting a little tired of me asking "What do you think of this?" (if you have kids do you ask their opinion of your art?) but their input has been invaluable! Check out the interview with moi here.

Other than that things have been busy. I got a commission to illustrate a children's book and that has been great fun! Here's a sneak peek of some cheeky moo cows with attitude:

Hope you had a great week!

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Bunny Bonanza

What an exciting week!

I was doing some gardening and pulled up a big bunch of hay and all these tiny bunnies scattered around me. They had their eyes closed and were crawling around commando style. I didn't know what to do so I popped them back in their burrow and put the hay on top. I hope they are going to be okay. They are on the edge of our lawn. I see the mom around but apparently they only feed them once a day so I don't think she has abandoned them. Has anyone else had bunnies in their back yard? I think it is a myth that the mom rejects them if you have touched them. I hope it is anyway!

I finished my flying parrot this week. I used a technique where I blew the paint all over the paper and I think it came out pretty well.

I also applied to sell on Artfinder and was excited to be accepted so I've listed a few paintings. Nic McLean is also on it so check out her page too! Is anyone else on Artfinder? I would love to know so I can go like and follow your page.

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Parrot Power!


I painted a cute colorful African pygmy hedgehog as a happy birthday present for a kid I know. Isn't he adorable? I had some yupo paper with alcoholic inks painted on them from which I cut out the balloons. The rest is done in Acrylic inks and watercolor.

Later on I painted a parrot  (actually a Vinaceous-breasted Amazon) in alcohol inks which turned out very ethereal and abstract. The bird felt very free so I decided to leave him as he was and not put in any more detail.

I have recently become an instagram fanatic so please follow me at HERE. I am also running a loop giveaway on Instagram where you can win one of 10 fabulous prizes including one of my pet portraits. Go HERE to enter and good luck!

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Elephant Pals

Photo by Gary Jones of Paint Your Photo

I just joined an amazing group called Paint Your Photo. As well as having tons of great art advice, interactive forums etc etc it is also a fabulous resource because it solves that age old dilemna of where to get terrific photos to create art from without infringing copyright. These photos are free to work from and this week I did this painting of some boisterous elephant pals.

They have a whole range of subjects: humans, flora, fauna and animals and they are all of a very high quality. You can also submit your own photos so other artists can work from them.

'Elephant Pals' is available to buy at Fine Art America.

Elephant Pals 18 x 24" acrylic inks

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Koala Mum and Joey

photo credit Linda Abercrombie from Paint My Photo

Acrylic inks and watercolor by Emma Kaufmann

Just felt so inspired by this week's koala prompt from my nature art painting group.

In some parts of Australia, koala populations have grown out of control. You might have seen reports recently of a controversial mass culling in Victoria along the Great Ocean Road. In other parts, koalas are endangered by a whole range of threats, from habitat clearing and wild dog attacks to road accidents and disease. In south-east Queensland, a groundbreaking study is tracking individual koalas to see how they're faring.

"This is really the largest and most intensive koala-monitoring project ever done. To monitor those koalas, we have to send field teams out with a directional antenna and they track the koala down and check it out with binoculars and make sure it's OK." You can read more about this project here. Let's hope it finds some good information on how to protect koalas from threats to their habitat.

You can buy prints of this artwork here and t-shirts featuring this print here.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Jaguar on the Prowl

It's been something of an up and down week. We started with a foot of snow and everyone in a bad mood. Then we had some fabulous spring days. Today my children and I even ate ice cream from the local ice cream cafe! Well you know me, I don't ever need an excuse to eat ice cream even if I'm wearing an anorak and snow boots.

I got stuck a few times in the snow and had difficulty digging myself out. I must say I am sick of the snow by now, I don't care how pretty it looks!

I had a bit of a creative explosion painting my jaguar in acrylic inks. He was the theme for my nature artist's group and I really enjoyed letting the inks run all over the place and make a huge mess as they dripped on the floor. But what is art if not creative mess. Love it!! The jaguar is available to buy in my Etsy shop.

I finished a lovely pet portrait for a lady whose cat Ellie had crossed over rainbow bridge. I was thrilled to see it in its lovely new home. I really do feel it is wonderful if I can recapture the memory of a beloved pet.

What a lovely review too:

How was your week? Has your snow thawed yet?

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Toucan Play at that Game


Well things are pretty freezing around here. A water pipe burst the other day and soaked into a carpet. Oh Joy! After soaking up the water with about a hundred towels I spent several hours trying to dry it out with a hairdryer to no avail. Now I keep the room at the temperature of a tropical rainforest in an attempt to dry it out. I'm as redfaced as a prune and living in a sauna. Save me!

So while we are bracing ourselves for another pelting of snow we should I suppose count ourselves lucky that we do not live in Boston which has been hit the worst.

Actually I don't really mind snow all that much. As far as I am concerned it just gives me carte blanche to loll around all day in my jammies watching terrible television like Dance Moms and stuffing my face with chocolate hob nobs. Nobody can really expect you to work if it involves driving if there is heavy snow so I like to take it easy on snow days although I do get a tad claustrophobic at some point and need to take a brisk walk outside in the slush.

Did you know that on the other side of the world it's  CARNAVAL in Brazil !!! Yes, sequins, platform heels and the biggest party in the world !! The nature art group I am part of had this as a theme. So I put on my party hat and put on some Samba music - and got out my watercolors and acrylic inks !!

I ended up with this lively bunch of two macaws and a toucan which I titled 'Toucan Play at that Game.' When I first started painting it the paint started dripping which I didn't mind so I kept adding lots of drips to create a pretty pattern.

I'm sure you'll agree these birds are pumped up and ready to PARTAY!

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